Bedford Harriers A.C.





Belvoir  Challenge

27th February 2010


Official Result

Julie Wargent 5.02.00
David Hutchings 5.02.00
Noel Jones 5.54.00


I took myself up to the Belvoir on Saturday for the 20th Belvoir Challenge - 26 miles of mixed terain. It turned out to be a bit of a mudfest with rutted tracks and slippery mud making forward progress quite tricky at times. Navigation was by following red and white tape which worked well except for one point where I added an extra mile and a bit to the distance. We did get a good view of the castle and some great countryside to run through. A particularly boggy patch a mile from the end had one chap held fast so I plowed in and helped haul him out and then went digging for his shoe. Good practice for the Grizzly perhaps?
27.25 miles in 5 hours 54 minutes (official)

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