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Bletchley Enigma Marathon
(2nd April 2010)


Unofficial Result

Rob Bishop 3.50.54
Noel Jones 4.24.19

Bletchley Enigma Marathon

 On Good Friday I took part in the inaugural Bletchley Enigma Marathon. This was an invitational event organised under the banner of the 100 Marathon Club but with all the hard work undertaken by MK Lakeside Runners, and in particular race director "Foxy Davy".

 9am registration at the Premier Inn pub was a sociable meeting of many friends and 10am saw about 30 runners lining up for the start. The course took us around Caldecote lake and then out into the wind along the Grand Union Canal for 9 miles to the Grove Lock pub.  Alas we were not offered any beer but had to make do with cake, jelly babies, bananas and water. Suitably refreshed we turned back to retrace our steps to the lake and another lap of it. Reaching the finish line we were cruely waved on for another 1/2 mile loop in the wind and rain.

Rob Bishop nailed the course (which was measured at closer to 27 miles) in 3:50:54. I came in at 4:24:24. A couple of pints in the pub eased the pain in my feet and legs while a lamb balti sorted out the nutritional needs. We all let the race director know what we thought of that extra loop at the end.

Noel Jones

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