Bedford Harriers A.C.





Milton Keynes Park Run
13th March 2010


Official Result

Joe Warren


Katarina Darcy  29.55

Race Report:

The weather was good so it was hopeful that a good number of runners would participate in the Milton Keynes parkrun today. However, I must be the only one that feels the cold as I had my winter woolies on, including my gloves as my fingers were a slight shade of blue.

I was a little unsure as to whether the course would be dry due to the rain overnight and I did not fancy getting my (new Edinburgh Marathon) trainers either wet or dirty. I wanted to test them out and not wear them out. However, the course was fine and the large puddle that we had to jump and / or run through a couple of weeks ago had fortunately vanished.

It was a mass start with everyone starting a little too fast, getting caught by the buzz of the quicker runners. After a couple of hundred metres the spread of runners was far more noticeable, although running the speed that I do I noticed that more were in front than behind me. I always find the first hill (then bear right) like a mountain but today it felt a little more comfortable. The zig zag hill catches some runners out but this morning I charged up it without too many verbal complaints (I did most of it in my head otherwise I could've been arrested!)  I was tempted to stop at the Peace Pagoda as a couple of flowers had been laid down and I wanted to go and have a look but watching the three runners start disappearing in front of me urged me to carry on running.

Rich K was taking photographs at the start and as we ran into the finishing funnel. Why anyone would want to take or to have photos of hot and sweaty runners is beyond me (unless of course it is Jim Carrey but that's a different story!).

There were 62 runners participating in today's parkrun. Joe came second in his age category and I was first in mine (must remember to have coffee and Bombay Mix for breakfast again) 


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