Bedford Harriers A.C.





Milton Keynes Park Run
27th February 2010


Official Result

Joe Warren

Katarina Darcy  39.00

Race Report:

Having woken up to the rain pouring outside I was not looking forward to this event, particularly as (planned) I was going to be the last runner to finish on the course today, hence more time spent being cold and wet than anyone else. However, the time spent on the course was intentional as it was to be my first run back since injury (the bone is healing well) and not only had I entered as a runner, I was also going to be the 'sweep vehicle' (tail runner) too - no point in anyone hanging behind me to finish as I had no idea how long it would take me to complete the run.
The rain stopped completely when we started and by the time I had got around 500 metres the sun came out and I had to strip off, not completely though as that would have sent the elderly couple that we ran by into shock, but it is rare to see me wearing a short sleeved t-shirt whilst running.

I enjoyed tailing a mother and son until we reached an extremely large puddle and had to make the decision whether to run through or get our feet wet and muddy by going onto the grass instead. The mother was not best pleased when her son took the decision into his own hands and went straight through the muddy grass as she had only just bought him the trainers!

For the rest of the course I was with a new runner in a jog-walk which was good for both of us. The zig zag hill was a lot easier to do this time around and through the jog-walk method. Fortunately the signs were correctly laid out at the top of the hill so we did not have the long detour that we had a few weeks ago.

As we approached a bridge we saw a couple having a bit of a cuddle and the runner with me asked me if they were in the run. There has always been a few other runners and joggers about and as I had not seen them at the start I did not think that they were 'with us'. I also thought that it would be a bit strange in a timed running event to have couples stopping and starting through the course to have a bit of a kiss etc along the way, unless this is a new way to boost energy levels?!

As we got towards the finish I allowed the runner to run ahead of me so her chip would register before mine. A couple of minutes later we saw the couple running towards the finish and the man was waving at us. As they approached the finish line the woman told him to carry on and she went off towards the pub whilst he came through funnel. Once through I explained that I had not realised that they were part of the event and that I should have waited for them to have finished what they were up to at the bridge. So despite my efforts to actually be last in this event (in which I would not have minded in the least) I still was not last!

Once the runners had disappeared off, myself and a couple of the lads went upstairs to the cafe to sort out the chips, times and other bits and pieces over a couple of nice warm coffees.

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