Bedford Harriers A.C.





Milton Keynes Park Run
6th February 2010


Official Result

My first parkrun 5K experience started as a cold early morning race with fog and slight precipation with quite a good crowd of mixed ability runners. I felt no pressure at all to run and would not have minded if I had finished last. (My favourite 5K race is tomorrow so that is where my focus is for this weekend). For some reason I started at the front and got dragged along with the everyone else at their speed, big mistake when I hit the first hill! I found the 'zig zag' hill difficult but a lot easier than had they have given us the steps to run up. 

Very few marshalls were about but there were signs to ensure we were running the right way. There did appear to be more marshalls at the finish than any where else but they were full of support and encouraging and runners ran to the finish line.

I really could not get my running legs on today due to the weather and specific route, hence my poor timing. But am extremely pleased to have found out that I came third in my age category, and before anyone jumps in and says it.... there were more than 3 runners in that category!! Joe's watch clocked the distance as being just a little over 5K, at 3.3 miles, and so "every little helps.


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