Bedford Harriers A.C.





Wellingborough Multi-terrain
6th February 2010


Official Result

Clive Prior 23.06
Katarina Darcy 29.14
Tim Price 41.40
Chadlea Jenkins 47.09
Peter Mealing 1.07.23

Having had a fantastic (late) club Christmas meal and party last night, I was in two minds about running in this event as I had over indulged a little although fortunately it wasn't alcohol, just too much main course and pudding! (I should have just stuck with the starter as that was a meal in itself).

After some generous helpings of rain this week, the organiser said that I should look forward to a bit more mud today, was he really trying to put me off this event?! 
A lot of runners turned up for today's event, plenty more than published on the 'current entry list'. There were quite a few entries for all distances, mixed abilities (including a few 'newbies') and a number of friendly runners (one who madly waved at me on the course, he knew my name but I could not quite see who it was as he ran past like lightening but I still waved back). 

As always it was a mass start which is fine except it can be quite difficult to get passed the slower runners at the beginning due to the mud slide in the middle of the first downward hill. Everyone tends to 'hug' the shrubs although not quite literally as that would be just a little too weird even for myself!

After quite a bit of wheezing, the breathing settled (slap on the wrist for not taking my inhaler prior to the race) and I got into the correct gear for the long run up the muddy hill. I did not encounter the mud fest that I was so looking forward to but I was quite tempted to grab hold of the back of Rich's t-shirt a couple of times so that he could pull me up! The photographer was waiting at the top of the hill (again) but I felt good at this point so I am hoping that I do not look half dead in the photographs, unlike in the last race at Wellingbrough. A few runners slowed down considerably after the hill and it was a little awkward for Rich and I to overtake due to the width of the path so we had to squeeze through any gap possible.
Half way into the race I was still unable to get warm (despite the thermals) and the old legs were beginning to seize up so my pace dropped considerably. Rather than ask Rich for a piggy back I thought that it would be best for me to hang back and allow him to carry on.... and he shot off!

The hardest part of the course is when reaching the grass area and seeing the finish line but there is still half a kilometre to do around the corner up, up and around another field and down the muddy hill to the finish area.

There were some great times today and several Harriers participated in the 5K, 10k and 15K. Tim was the second Male Senior Veteran in for the 10K (well done!). We were fortunate with the weather as it only began raining as we were coming home and I was fortunate when I got home to have a very hot shower!
Another great race in the series....roll on Race 3.


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