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Three Counties X-C @ Ampthill
(9th January 2005)

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The Harriers finished in fourth position in the final 3-Counties X-C race of the season at Wellingborough. . The seven male runners to score were Morgan Walters, Kevin Willett, Matt Burgin, Alistair Fadden, Neil Lovesey, Rob Miller and Graham Short. The three ladies to score were Shantna Trowell (who ran her first X-C for the Harriers), Avril Monmont and Donna McEwen. The Harriers finished with 258 point, which was 84 more than Ampthill & Flitwick Flyers, who finished in third position with 174 points.

The club has finished in fourth position in most of the races in the five race series and as such finished in fourth position overall in the series.

Male Finishing Positions   Ladies Finishing Positions  
Morgan Walters 16 Shantna Trowell 3
Kevin Willett 17 Avril Monmont 8
Matt Burgin 23 Donna McEwen 11
Alistair Fadden 29 Veronica Singleton 17
Neil Lovesey 33 Emily Woodfield 18
Rob Miller 47 Cathy Rogers 19
Graham Short 71 Jenny Lovesey 26
Steve Gaunt 84 Andrea Ward 28
Charles Didier 86 Nora Taggart 41
Kevin McPhillips 87 Jeanette Cheetham 52
Derek Morrison 111 Judith Ingledew 58
Brian McCallen 114 Leigh Price 62
Gary Fuller 119 Jacinta Horne 66
Mark Ingledew 126    
Peter Campbell 146    
Stuart Bullard 147    
Adrian Joyce 150    
Ian Kingstone 157    
David Pryor 160    
Steve Crane 164