The Harriers Road Race Champions (male and female) for 2010 will be decided using the sum of the best 6 age-graded scores from each runner subject to the following restrictions:
1. Each time must be officially recorded from an accurately measured road race and be listed on the Bedford Harriers website.
2. It is each runner's responsibility to ensure that the times listed on the website are accurate.
3. Times are only eligible for inclusion if runners are representing Bedford Harriers as paid-up members.
4. The 2010 season is defined as all races from Monday December 8th 2009 until (and including) Sunday December 5th 2010.
In addition, the 6 races must include:
A minimum of 2 longer races (10 miles or longer) including 1 race at Half Marathon or longer.
A minimum of 2 shorter races (10K or shorter).
Another 2 races at any officially measured distance. (Sorry no Marston Vale or Colworth-type races are allowed)
A maximum of 2 races at the same distance.

Age-graded scores, An Explanation:

The scores in the Road Race Championship are Age Graded. For those unfamiliar with the idea, Age Graded Scores measure any race-time in terms of a percentage against the WORLD BEST for a runner of the same age and sex, thus giving an accurate and unbiased measure of  performance.

EXAMPLE: a male aged 41 runs 10 miles in 73m 49sec

THE WORLD-BEST for a 41 year-old male is 46m 16sec

DIVIDE 46-16 by 73-49 and you get 62.68%.

So our runner would score 62.68 championship points.

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