-New Harriers Message Board/ Forum-

Bedford Harriers now has a new message board/forum.

As a member of Bedford Harriers, you are invited to register with the new message board. This will then will enable you to view and post messages.

When registering, you will be asked for a username. To avoid confusion, please select a name that uniquely identifies you. For example, if I, as Steve Crane, were just to register as ‘Steve’ it would cause confusion; therefore, if I register as SteveCrane it should avoid misunderstandings. Your user name can only be alpha & numeric characters and must be without spaces.

The address for the new message board/forum is as follows,

You can copy and paste this into your web browser or follow the link from the Home Page of the Bedford Harriers web site.

Should you encounter any difficulties when trying to register please refer to the ‘FAQ’ (Frequently Asked Questions) section just below the Bedford Harriers heading on the new message board.

If you are unable to resolve the difficulty please e-mail  and we will endeavour to resolve the issue.

Steve Crane
For and on behalf of Bedford Harriers AC