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Harriers Race Reports: 2010

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Silverstone 10k
(4th May 2010)

A good run by  Kathy Horsman who set a new LV50 club best time for the 10k of 43.07 at Silverstone. Juliet Smith, Kathy and Veronica Singleton  won the ladies vets team award at the race.

A belated well done also to Linda Wilding  who set a new LV60 club best time for the marathon of 4.40.23 at London.

London Marathon
(Sunday 25th April 2010)

43 Harriers ran in the London Marathon including a number who were running their first marathon. Many others achieved pb's. The first three Harriers were Neil Loader (3.14.21), David Sharman (3.22.38) and Tony Cormano (3.23.01). The first three Harrier ladies were Marianne Williamson (3.33.20) Sarah Lee (3.36.35) and Kathy Horsman (3.38.50).  Kathy's time was a new LV50 club best time for the marathon.

Harriers Weekend Races - 11th April 2010

Tremendous performance by Veronica Singleton who ran in the Marathon Des Sables a 6 day / 151 mile (243km) endurance race across the Sahara Desert in Morocco. Veronica completed the race in an overall time of 63 hours, 24 minutes and 24 seconds.

61 Harriers ran in the Sandy 10, the club's 10-mile championship race. The first Harrier to finish was Marcus Cookham in 65.01 followed by David Holt in 65.33 and Jerry Pullinger in 65.35. The first lady Harrier was Gil Fullen in 67.13 which was a new LV45 club best time. Gil was also the 1st LV45 to finish at Sandy. The second lady Harrier was Carla Fisher in 70.01 (Carla was also the 2nd LV35 in the race) and the third lady Harrier was Julie Clarke in 74.18. Gil, Carla and Julie won the ladies team prize. Well done also to Martin Leach who finished in new MV65 club best time of 71.43. Quite a few Harriers also ran pb's at Sandy while other ran their first race over the distance.

In other races: 

Mark Tinkler ran in the Rotterdam Marathon and finished in a new pb of 3.19.40.

Rob Bishop and Robin Fiander ran in the Blackpool Marathon and finished in new pbs of 3.33.20 and 4.04.47 respectively. Fiona Fiander and Keith Lakin ran in the Blackpool Half Marathon and finished in 2.24.55.

Katie Pipe and Ian Baker ran in the Paris Marathon finishing in 4.01.40 and 4.45.12 respectively.

Gary Finch and Jenny Lovesey took part in the White Horse Half Marathon and ran 1.38.37 and 1.48.16 respectively.

Richard Piron took part in the Emberton Duathlon 10k/40k/5k which is a qualifying race for the Duathlon World Championships. Richard was 3rd in his category in 2.22.32 and qualifies for the Championships 

Oakley 20 (and Other Races)
Saturday/ Sunday 27th/28th March

31 Harriers ran in the Oakley 20 .The first to finish was David Holt in a new pb of 2.18.25 followed by David Sharman in a new pb of 2.23.15 and Dan Hayes in 2.28.01. The first lady Harrier was Marianne Williamson in a new pb of 2.36.34 followed by Andrea Sewell also in a new pb of 2.43.29 and Juliet Smith in 2.46.54. Among the other Harriers achieving pb's were Darren Miller and Trish Miller. A number of other Harriers also ran their first 20 milers. Well done to them.

In other races, Pauline Bambury set a new LV55 club best time for the 5 mile at Braintree with  36.59. Pauline was also the first LV55 in the race. Nice one Pauline.

Rob Bishop ran in the Brighton Trail Marathon and finished in 4.42.15, Noel Jones ran in the Charnwood Marathon and finished in 5.34.06 and Bob Wells was the 1st V3 in the Semi-Marathon de Montauban in a time of 1.28.10.

David Piegaze crossed the line in the Victoria Park 5 in 41.36 and  Joe Warren ran 21.01 in the Milton Keynes Park Run

Harriers Weekend Races - 7th April 2010

40 Harriers ran in the Grizzly and Cub. David Holt (3.00.45), Matt Burgin (3.17.31) and Alastair Vile (3.29.28) were the first three Harriers to finish in the Grizzly and Viv Kilgour (3.43.06), Marianne Williamson (3:46:31) and Andrea Sewell (3:46:31) were the first three lady Harriers.

Around 35 Harriers ran in the Milton Keynes 10k and Half Marathon. David Sharman (1.28.08) was the first Harrier to finish in the half and amongst those achieving pb's were Gary Butler, Tim Price, Julian Winn, Mark Taggart and Jude Toasland.

In other races, Dave Bamber ran in the Bath Half marathon and finished 1.56.47. Penny Duffin and Linda Wilding took part in the Newham Classic 10k and finished in 58.48. Kathy and Joe Horsman completed the Wymondham 20 in 2.39.55 and 2.48.44 respectively and Bob Wells was the 2nd MV60 in the Semi Marathon de Blagnac in 1.27.40.

 Harriers Weekend Races - 27-28th February  2010

49 Harriers ran in the fifth and final race of the 2009/2010, 3-Counties XC race at Bedford. The seven Harriers men to score were  Alastair Vile, Morgan Walters, Dave Holt, Neil Lovesey, Tony Barnes, Rob Miller and Tim Price. The three Harriers ladies to score were Sally Cartwright, Carla Fisher  and Rachel Moss. The full results from Bedford and from the series overall will be put on the site when available.

Noel Jones ran in the Belvoir Challenge and completed the 27.25 miles in 5 hours 54 minutes.

Six Harriers ran in the Wellingborough Multi-terrain 5k, 10k 15k. In the 5k race, Renee Corbett was the 1st lady in 19.41.

Two Harriers ran in the Milton Keynes Park Run. Joe Warren finished in 21.13 and Katarina Darcy 39.00.

Ian Baker ran in the Hotelympia 10K and finished in 51.44.

 Harriers Weekend Races - 6th - 7th February  2010

Rob Bishop completed the “Pilgrim Challenge”  a 66 mile multistage race along the North Downs track way, the oldest trade route in England and route used by Pilgrims for Winchester, Canterbury, Dover & the Continent. The route follows the North Downs Way from Farnham in Surrey through to Merstham in Surrey. The race is run over 2 days covering 33 miles each day of challenging terrain and hill. Rob completed day 1 of the race in  6.30.44 and Day 2 in 6.44.25.

Noel Jones and Darren Miller took part in the Thames Trot Ultra 50 Mile. Noel finished in 9.46.28 and Darren in 10.12.20.

Trish Miller  ran in the Watford Half Marathon and finished in a new pb of 2.10.23. Sean McGilligan also ran 1.44.54.

Five Harriers ran in the Wellingborough Multi-terrain 5k, 10k 15k series including Tim Price  who was the 2nd male vet in the 10k in 41.40

Three harriers ran in the Milton Keynes Park Run with Joe Warren the first Harrier to finish in 23.30.

 Harriers Weekend Races - 24th January 2010

The Harriers finished in sixth position in the 3-Counties XC at Northampton. The Harriers men scored 421 points and the Harriers ladies 26 points. The Harriers ladies - Renee Corbett, Sally Cartwright and Carla Fisher -were the 1st ladies team. 58 Harriers ran in the race. Race Photos

16 Harriers ran in the Folksworth 15. Gary Butler was the 1st Harrier in  1.47.56, followed by David Sharman in 1.48.21 and Andrew Moore in 1.52.56. Juliet Smith was the 1st Harriers lady in 1.59.53

Adam Mills was the 2nd man overall in the Fred Hughes 10 in a time of 56.38. Darren Miller and Trish Miller finished in  1.17.58 and 1.42.30 respectively.

Rob Bishop ran his third marathon of 2010 at Gloucester . Rob's time was 3.50.09.

Joe Warren ran in the  Milton Keynes Park Run and  finished in 21.10.

Noel Jones ran in the Ultra Race 45/90 and finished the two-day 90 mile event in  18 hours 17 mins and 39 secs. Noel reports on the race:

"This weekend I ran a Rory Coleman ultra race from Northampton to Tring and back.

 The 9am start on Saturday at the Park Inn saw about 40 runners set of down the road only to miss the first turning down towards the canal after 50 yards and my 2nd place suddenly became last but one. For a flat race along a canal I found it rather tough. There are few variations in the terrain where you would usually vary the pace and no hills to use as an excuse for a walk break. After 2 hours I was beginning to wonder how I was going to keep going for another 9 or 10 hours when a friend happened along doing a 25 minute run with 5 minute walk strategy. I tried it for a bit with her and it saved the day - if there are no hills then make up your own! 5pm saw the end of the light with a few miles still to go, which turned into a few more because the Garmin finally clocked close to 47.5 miles. Running in the dark on a muddy path next to a canal was a bit nerve wracking, especially when the path came to an abrupt end. I should have crossed over bridge a few miles back and had to gingerly make my way across a lock. I managed to keep the pace up to arrive at Pendley Manor in Tring in  just under 9 hours.

 The thought of a second day of the same was almost too much, but having entered, and more to the point paid, I was duly dropped of by Sylvia at 9am. The legs had made a remarkable recovery overnight and the only blister was slathered in Vaseline. I used the 25/5 strategy right from the start, even though I didn't feel I needed to after the first 25 minutes. It was nice to be able to see the bits I couldn't see the previous evening. The path on the other side looked a whole lot narrower than I remembered! The section through Milton Keynes from 20 to 30 miles seemed to go on forever, not helped by the checkpoints being unevenly spaced. Darkness fell again accompanied by a bit of sleet. I was kept company from Wolverton by another runner doing his first ultra. He hadn't run the previous day and he was a bit uncomfortable finding his way in the dark. After a final hiccup when I mistook a multi-storey car park for the hotel we arrived back in just under 9 and a half hours. This time the Garmin made it 46.7 miles but we did have to cut a small corner to avoid an angling contest".

Noel Jones